Покатушки на 8-ми ск.мопеде 2,5 л.с. 63 км/ч

Posted by alekor333 on 30.01.2011 under мото приколы | 9 Comments to Read

ride on 8-speed moped with Honda GXH50 2,5 HP 63 KPH/40 MPH Detail – www.youtube.com

  • nemlu7 said,

    good video.. thanks for sharing

  • azzzazzzelDEAN said,

    Звук приятный:)))

  • stopglobalswarming said,

    Is lane splitting legal there? Why do you pass on the right? Are Russian drivers used to cycles passing on the right?

  • TheSerega96 said,

    хаха внатуре звук приятный то)))

  • fhbz85 said,

    In most cases YES. Its in our souls%)

  • leaualorin said,

    @stopglobalswarming blea suka ; RUSIA is NOT the NAZY USA! By the way : you should come and see Romania! Traffic here is really fun :-) (especially for motorcyclists! )
    Nice video!A folding motorized bicycle would be even better! (to carry it with ease anywhere you whant! ) Bye!

  • stopglobalswarming said,

    @leaualorin I do not understand the «nazi USA» comment. But yes, Americans drive poorly and interact poorly with motorcycles, for the most part. I drive freight trucks, and ride small motorcycles and bicycles. I am always very watchful for 2 wheel vehicles. I want to be at peace with the other drivers and get to my destination efficiently.

  • stopglobalswarming said,

    I like many things about Russians. Yes, I would like to visit Romania, but I am afraid as much to leave my country as to live in it. (Occupied USA).

  • stopglobalswarming said,

    In USA if you pass on the right on motorcycles, you will become crushed by uncaring drivers of large SUVs (Selfish Urban Vanity).

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