salmon falls 49 sacramento Russian prikol

Posted by ninjansx on 27.02.2011 under мото приколы | Be the First to Comment

On the twisty road by Sacramento

  • folsomdude32 said,

    that was pretty sick. i wrecked my 3000gt on the S turn before the straight about a year ago

  • zelibober said,

    Блин твое Сакраменто смотрится как наш Сиэттл, а я думал что у вас там пальмы везде :)

    Хорошо проехал – Респект и Уважуха

  • marlo916 said,

    LOL i wrecked my rsx there too couple yrs ago. right behind the yellow sign on the right at :14… i was coming up the other way and understeered into the dirt wall. damn scary up there at night.

  • z06camaro said,


  • OldSchoolVlad88 said,

    I wrecked my 1998 Yamaha FZR600 on that road a few months ago on a 20mph turn and there was gravel in the road. So I totaled my bike out and I ended up with a broken collar bone. It sucks having no bike now : (.

  • ninjansx said,

    I have my bike but i don’t ride it any more, fzr600 is a heavy bike

  • markovkaification said,

    oh wow you russian guys are cool…. haha yea right

  • ninjansx said,

    @markovkaification yes we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chopppacalamari said,

    Damn I wanted him to fall off.

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