Alex ninja from sacramento , racing stunts wheelie prikol

Posted by ninjansx on 30.11.2010 under мото приколы | Be the First to Comment

Green kawasaki Racing salmon falls 49 sacramento Russian prikol

  • maxleon69 said,

    yeay ninja

  • maxleon69 said,

    is this the song i gave you

  • punisher7600 said,

    nice riding gay music

  • byrjyu said,

    salmon falls is crazy road…couple guys just totaled their bikes this sunday.. Great riding but keep it safe Sania.

  • ninjansx said,

    @byrjyu Ti kto?

  • byrjyu said,

    da tak prosto yvidel video da sam ezdil last sunday to salmon falls…Its great road but there are couple 25mph tight turns a tak smooth road.

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